Kyle Sparks feels photography is more than a chosen career path, it is simply and purely a way of life. His passion for photography has continually given himself the ability to reinvent itself as he takes on new and exciting projects. Recent projects have brought him through many of the countries’ national parks by way of backpacking, cycling, and climbing. A close relationship with Patagonia has bolstered opportunities to shoot in the depths of the Grand Canyon, through Yosemite, and to the peaks of Mount Whitney. His surfing photography, which demonstrates his innate ability to capture the luminous beauty of the ocean, has always been a staple part of Kyle’s photography and continues to be his most notable work.

Soon after earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Journalism from Brooks Institute of Photography, Kyle had an unparalleled opportunity to extensively travel throughout the awe-inspiring Fijian Islands. His series of intimate portraits of the Koroipita Village residents, who have recently moved from the slums in Fiji to affordable housing with electricity and running water, are particularly significant. Kyle continues to acquire the necessary skills to succeed in the industry by conducting photography workshops for those with a passion for the art.

He currently lives and thrives in Ventura, California where he busies himself with a wide variety of editorial and advertising clients. Whether it is with a stock photo agency or by independent assignments, Kyle can always be found behind his lens finding new and experimental ways to hone his craft.